Escort Service in Tel Aviv

Escorts in Tel Aviv

Tina 20

Maya 20

Masha 20

Naomi 20

Jeanne 20

Angelina – Playboy bunny 20

Eve – Sexy tanned 20

Sabel – real bomb 22

Price 350$
Sabel is a blonde girl, charming, energetic, who is more than happy to come to you and

Sarfina – smoking elegant 21

Price 700$
Sarfina  is a v blonde, a true champion and professional in erotic massage, and she is

Lusi – Wild brunette 19

Price 350$
Lusi is a light-hearted girl who looks she's just came out of Playboy magazine. She is

Scarlet – Exotic fruit 19

Price 350$
Scarlet is a natural blonde girl with blue eyes - a classic and charming European look

Vaga – Luxury shick 19

Olrika – Brunette princess 19

Price 350$
Olrika is not just another girl, she's a real bomb that will leave you stunned and gaping

Mina – Smiley and sculptured 20

Price 350$
Mina is a world-class girl, she looks like a real Playboy bunny who has come out of Hugh

Sena – Heaven’s angel 20

Price 550$
Senna is just crazy animal that will drive your mind, heart and all the other senses nuts.

Oda – Curved redhead 21

Marita – Crazy muse 21

Price 550$
Marita is a true goddess of beauty, the goddess of lust and passion, looks like a brunette

Lavisa – Passionate cocktail 20

Price 350$
Lisa is a gorgeous brunette with a striking beauty that will not leave you indifferent.

Lorli – Classic blonde 21

Price 550$
No doubt the wet dream of any average man who fantasized for years about a crazy date with

Keda – Naughty brunette 19

Price 550$
A beautiful brunette with the body of a supermodel, can be yours all you need is one phone

Linea – Blonde doll 21

Price 550$
Linea is a very special girl. True beauty and her talent and skill in erotic massage so

Inga – Tight and perky 20

Price 350$
Inga is a beautiful and attractive blonde Barbie. One that walks in the street and turns

Idonea – Dreamy girl 23

Price 350$
Idonea is a perfect blonde. Her head works overtime, and she's not choosy at all. She is

Handrika – Private star 20

Price 350$
Handrika is a prestigious girl and one of the most successful at the site. Not suitable at

Praya – Slim and busty 19

Price 550$
Praya is a beautiful brunette who will sweep you away to another galaxy where everything

Abrika – White emerald 22

Doroeta – Kinky sexiness 20

Price 350$
Doroeta looks as if she has stepped out of a Hollywood movie straight into your arms, a

Anaka – Sensual muse 21

Ice – White and hot 19

Price 350$
Do not let her innocent brown hair and her innocent and angelic look fool you friends, she

Anjata – Soft teen 19

Price 350$
It's true that from time to time you have been able to browse successful magazines and see

Ayala – Curved sexy 20

Price 350$
Ayala is a prestigious girl, and especially impressive. She is a brunette princess who

Solbi – Natural beauty 20

Price 350$
You are surly was in this situation often  thinking about yourself and how do you think

Lambourgina – Fast and rough 20

Price 350$
Lambourgina is a young , sexy crazy ,stunning and stimulating all senses girl. If after

Siera – Blonde Goddess 21

Price 350$
As with the warnings on cigarettes, drugs and alcohol, here too we are obliged to warn -

Dalia – Brunette tiger 19

Dolsina – The perfect body 20

Price 350$
Dolsina is a blonde girl, very beautiful and sensual. As soon as you see her you think she

Luma – Crazy brunette 19

Price 350$
Luma is an exclusive and exceptional girl, a real professional in erotic massage and the

Marisol – Wild Latina 19

Price 350$
Marisol is a particularly brazen young girl waiting for you to come to her and give her

Marsha – Strong and fit 22

Price 350$
Here is the biggest wet dream of any average man, a blonde girl with a maddening body.

Milgross – Sexy neighbor 20

Nina – Blonde doll 20

Price 350$
Nina is a real Barbie, and, as is common with dolls, she is also willing you to play with

Palma – Sexy moka 19

Price 550$
Palma, as she is, is a real queen who, despite her youth, has become one of the leading

Perla – Blonde pearl 20

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Perla is a brown haired girl, sensual and amazing in her beauty. She will be happy to come

Sol – Blonde animal 19

Esther – Daring queen 19

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To describe the perfect Esther there is not enough words in the dictionary and there is

Melody – A crazy blonde 19

Price 350$
Melody is a sensual blonde and stunningly beautiful. She will be happy to come to you and