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Escort Service in Tel Aviv

Kendis – Breathtaking 20

Just like shes beautiful name, it's a real delicious dessert. A beautiful blonde you have

Angelina – Playboy bunny 20

Angelina is a real, beautiful, brunette, and very flexible Playboy bunny. Sexy with the

Eve – Sexy tanned 20

This amazing escort girl is Eva. A sensual brunette who is ready to reach you and give you

Vasilisa – Russian doll 20

Vasillisa is a real doll, with a porcelain face and eyes that pierce deep into the soul.

Mia – Sexy tiger 20

Maya is a mesmerizing and perfect companion. This is a brunette young woman with green and

Milana – stunning blonde 20

Millana is a naughty blonde Russian with a crazy little ass shaped like a piece of the

Amanda – sexy cat 20

Amanda is a smoking blonde with a huge natural breast that you just can't let go of. Her

Sabel – sex bomb 22

Price 350$
Sabel is a pure perfection of physical shape, mixed with crazy hot character that will

Ksyusha – amazing boobs 20

Ksyusha is the one and only, the key to your heart and pants, that will rock you bedroom

Mila – Stunning Russian 20

From Russia with love. A lot of love and lust. Mila is a stunning Russian ex model who

Pauline – Bad girl 20

Naughty bad girl who is a prefect fit for challenge loving men who like to play control

Liza and Silbi – Busty sexiness 20

Price 700$
How much pleasure can one man have in one night? they hold the answer. liza and Silbi are

Lusi – Wild brunette 19

Price 350$
Lusi is like a brunette and sexy jaguar lurking in the tress, but she is actually looking

Vaga – Luxury shick 19

Price 350$
Vaga is a pretty white and tight thing of beauty, with blonde naughty hair on the border

Olrika – Brunette princess 19

Price 350$
Naughty little princess with a pretty young body of true fitness and crave, with a tiny

Mina – Smiley and sculptured 20

Price 350$
Mina is a big smile of joy and beauty, taking you far away with her eyes before she even

Oda – Curved redhead 21

Price 350$
Redheads are the most quality piece in this game and the hottest and most filled with lust

Marita – Crazy muse 21

Price 550$
A muse of tales and songs, looking like a glorious rushing river of beauty and at the same

Lavisa – Passionate cocktail 20

Price 550$
Take a high narrow little glass, mix some hard passion, tons of energetic crazy vibe,

Lorli – Classic blonde 21

Price 550$
Lorli is a beautiful Russian young girl who has the simple blonde and gorgeous look of a

Keda – Naughty brunette 19

Price 550$
With a tight smoking hot body of a little star, long nice smelling hair, juicy fine ass

Catherine – Limitless babe 20

Kathrine is a limitless stopless babe who knows how to turn every regular night you have

Linea – Blonde doll 21

Price 550$
Linea is a wild sensual doll in a tiny teen tight body, and with the sexy lust and deep

Inga – Tight and perky 20

Price 350$
A tight fine body is one very important thing, but its a whole new level when you top it

Idonea – Dreamy breast 23

Price 350$
The perfect choosing for real big and natural breast lovers, who like to see those amazing

Handrika – Private star 20

Price 350$
Handrika is a natural talented actress, that may not be famous in Hollywood, although she

Praya – Slim and busty 19

Price 550$
Slim tiny little girl who keep a tight figure of a superstar, and shows you that you don't

Abrika – White emerald 22

Price 350$
Abrika's eyes are like two beautiful green and shiny emeralds, and she is all a white rare

Natalie and Shimrit – Sexy Israelis 20

Price 700$
A true passionate fantasy of every man there is out there. Two steaming hot Israeli girls,

Doroeta – Kinky sexiness 20

Price 350$
Doroeta is a kinky sixy little lade with open mind that loves to give you the ultimate

Ice – White and hot 19

Price 350$
A kinky and very naughty girl, with a tight firm body and long legs that ends in a

Ayala – Curved sexy 20

Price 350$
Juicy sexy curves as far as the eye can see are just the cherry on top on creamy Ayala.

Solbi – Natural beauty 20

Price 350$
A blonde natural sex bomb who looks like she was born in an oasis flower. She has a wild

Lambourgina – Fast and rough 20

Price 350$
Some men like a woman like a delicate flower who opens up slowly, but some prefer a wild

Dalia – Brunette tiger 19

Price 350$
Dalia is a true tiger, with sex lust out the deepest jungles and flexibility that will

Dolsina – The perfect body 20

Price 350$
Open mind and the personality of a sex craved demon is amazing, but with Dolsinia, all of

Luma – Crazy Redhead 19

Price 350$
Luma loves to come of as an innocent girl with a lost gaze that asks for help, but don't

Marisol – Wild Latina 19

Price 350$
Every Israeli or European man deeply dreams of a hot passionate Latina girl to comer along

Marsha – Strong and fit 22

Price 350$
Who doesn't love a strong woman? One who can push you on top of the bed and ride you in a

Milgross – Sexy neighbor 20

Price 350$
Milgross is a beauty for sore eyes, combining the tight body of a sexy teen and the look

Nina – Blonde doll 20

Price 350$
Nina is a true wild, horny and lustful beast, but above all else she is a pretty porcelain

Palma – Sexy moka 19

Price 550$
Moka latte with a divine taste and smell, covered is cream of sexiness and lust. Palma is

Perla – Blonde pearl 20

Price 350$
A pearl of beautiful nature, and stunning fit body around a delicate pink flower. Her

Sol – Blonde animal 19

Price 350$
They say don't judge a book by its cover, but the cover of this stunning lingerie model

Michelle -European crazy 20

Bright wild eyes that will get you out of your cloths in seconds, are only the tip with

Melody – A crazy blonde 19

Price 350$
A horny and crazy blonde is ever men's wet dream, but Melody in one level above. with an