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Tiffany – Stunning fit 20

You night have seen a sexy and tight fit girl with hot sexy body, but you have sadly never

Anya – Tiny brunette 20

Ania is a tiny little naughty girl who loves having sex. Looking petite and fragile but

Pauline – Bad girl 20

Naughty bad girl who is a prefect fit for challenge loving men who like to play control

Mila – Stunning Russian 20

From Russia with love. A lot of love and lust. Mila is a stunning Russian ex model who

Aphrodite – Brunette idol 20

Aphrodite is your very own private sex goddess, who is coming to you right this evening to

Catherine – Limitless babe 20

Kathrine is a limitless stopless babe who knows how to turn every regular night you have

Tiffany – Perfect fit 20

Tiffany is a busty young beautiful girl, with a tight belly and a body that leaves you

Monica – Naughty brunette 20

You can see her fitness in every inch of her tight skin, but her best part is the naughty

Ksyusha – amazing boobs 20

Ksyusha is the one and only, the key to your heart and pants, that will rock you bedroom

Adriana – perfect body 20

Adriana is a beautiful brunette with a divine body and a perfectly shaped breast you can't

Marvitena 20

Price 550$
One of a kind Israeli escort who drives men crazy... Full of life and charming like to

Martha – Bad girl 20

Price 550$
Her eyes radiates steam and passion but don't let her fool you. She is a real bad girl who

Alfreda – Energetic and hot 21

Price 550$
Alfreda's huge and perky breast is truly one of a kind, and no man on earth would ever

Nora 19

Price 550$
Nora is an adorable intelligent escort girl, she has a unique beauty to her with her

Gratzia – Just thanks 20

Price 550$
From the first look she seems to be another Italian model from the Milan track, but her

Lotus – Eastern godess 20

Price 550$
Lotus is the most beautiful and sacred flower in Japan, but here in Israel she is the most

Malisa 20

Price 550$
Malisa is a passionate sex ticking bomb, she's extremely sexual and intelligent and she

Edika 21

Price 550$
Edika is a young and adorable escort girl originally from israel, she's sweet and inocent

Brigita – Perfect bunny 22

Price 550$
She have hips that will drive your mind into kinky and far places and a round, soft and

Margaret 20

Price 550$
Tanned and athletic escort with perfect tits and outgoing character... always fun to be

Neta – Dominated beauty 21

Price 550$
Neta is a girl with strong character who loves to dominate and give guys a mind blowing

Betty – Sexy noir 20

Price 350$
Betty is one of a kind noir and sexy little girl, 20 years old and rocking a busty breast

Dolphina 21

Price 700$
Dark skinned brunette escort girl when she's the wildest most sexiest & dangerous

Bia – Bursting passion 21

Price 700$
Bia is one of the most beautiful woman you'll meet, but her round ass and the most amazing

Zara – breast goddess 21

Price 700$
Zara is a true sex goddess with stunning looks and a huge breast that will sweep you off

Serenade 20

Price 550$
For the big breasts fans this girl can fulfill all you dreams, she has a pair of perfect

Shiraz Israeli Bombshell 20

Price 550$
Perfect Israeli sexy bombshell!!! excellent body and handsome face, new Israeli student

Sabina 22

Price 850$
There's nothing more naughtiest & lustiest then a brunette escort girl in a red dress

Ferdinanda – Wild beast 20

Price 550$
Ferdinanda is a bulb of hot, steaming animal passion and desire, that looks like the real

Laurentza – Brunette model 22

Price 550$
The name Laurentza alone, bring you the image of a tall beautiful Italian model with

Gila Huge Breasts 21

Price 700$
You can't pass on this gorgeous tits the most perfect in the country and craved to get

Lolita – Hot latina 20

Price 550$
Romantic liberal & passionate escort girl when there's nothing she would enjoy more

Balbina – Crazed scenes 20

Price 550$
If your scenes are yet to be blurred and confused, you have come to the right girl.

Samara – Kinky Russian 21

Price 700$
Samara is a kinky Russian with dirty mind that will give you unforgettable session, even

Laska 20

Price 550$
Dark brunette escort girl when a pair of handcuffs is always a privilige in her pocket. In

Analisa – White flame 19

Price 550$
Analisa is a perfect combination between white shiny beauty of ice and red-hot steaming

Chikita 20

Price 350$
Athletic brunette escort ready to serve and be your sex slave. hot Israeli without

Marita – Crazy muse 21

Price 550$
A muse of tales and songs, looking like a glorious rushing river of beauty and at the same

Kalowgen 22

Price 550$
An amazing model with super hot body she can make you scream from pleasure. she has a deep

Galina – special VIP 20

Price 700$
Amazing girl tall and athletic, tanned and curvy body of pornstar. gives full body massage

Lavisa – Passionate cocktail 20

Price 550$
Take a high narrow little glass, mix some hard passion, tons of energetic crazy vibe,

Romi 20

Price 550$
Romi is absolutely stunning Israeli escort with super hot body, its an amazing experience

Keda – Naughty brunette 19

Price 550$
With a tight smoking hot body of a little star, long nice smelling hair, juicy fine ass

Stefanela 20

Price 550$
Stefanela is an escort who is a sex animal in bed and make men shake from pleasure, she

Ice – White and hot 19

Price 350$
A kinky and very naughty girl, with a tight firm body and long legs that ends in a

Emili 22

Price 550$
Russian escort girl. Want to spend an hour with beautiful sex teacher? She knows all the

Almog 19

Price 350$
When you want to relax from pressure at work or at home you invite Almog to to a sensual