Going out to fancy resaurant

Going out to fancy resaurant

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Many of our clients decide to take their escort to a fancy restaurant as part of their meeting. there’s nothing that can make her happier than to go out and eat her favorite food, there are lots of restaurants in the city of tel aviv – steakhouses, french food, Italian food or sushi.

All you need to do is ask her what’s her favorite food and then surprise her with reservation for two. the romantic meeting in a restaurant can start with a bottle of wine to loosen up a little, then you can start to tell her about yourself and ask her about herself too.

Its a great way to get know her slowly, ask her where she was born and about her childhood, ask her about her work and what she does. some of the girls are very discrete about their profession so take it easy.

You can choose your favorite restaurant that you regularly go to or try a new restaurant, in some cases let the lady decide to which restaurant she wants to go.

After the wine you can order the appetizer and start to chit-chat with her about her favorite topics, meanwhile a lot of people are going to stare at her, its not everyday that playboy bunny is going inside the restaurant.

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When the wine start to work you can ask her some more intimate questions about what she like in bed, what’s her favorite positions, and you can even do friendly bet to guess the color of her underwear.

After that its desert time the most sexy part of the meal, you watch her as she lick her chocolate mouse or her ice cream, while her sexy eyes are staring at you. you can lick your desert together, and finally you can order the bill.

When the bill arrives be a gentleman and pay for it accordingly, and now its time to take her to the hotel and continue the romantic evening into the night.