Myths about escort services who must be smash

Myths about escort services who must be smash

Nargiz – Naughty and tough

Do not believe everything written in a newspaper or broadcast on television, especially when it comes to controversial content such as escort services. Today there are hundreds of service providers in the area that offer customers a variety of services ranging from call girls providing all or parts to act with erotic massages for relaxation. The successful and enjoyable stories you will hear less, that those who admit it turn to escort services just like that? Here are some myths about escort services that must be broken.


“The girls filled this disease really scary and unhealthy”

Not true! Escort service quality guarantee you that they come regulated and hygienic. You will know you have reached the place clean when you enter a place or invite to your house or hotel room a woman. If the place is dirty and aesthetic, then you should be really careful, but if the place is well maintained and save, and if the girl smells good and has no sores or spots on clothes, there is no reason to panic. Of course, important to use contraceptives like condoms.


“Anyone who uses sexual services cannot get sex alone”

Mistake! Some people just do not have the energy or desire to get involved  they don’t feel they want to spend most of their forces on a date for a one night stand. Not only this. Sometimes you feel like lying in bed at home when you are alone and not to begin to dress up and go out to hunt. Instead, you can contact the escort service and they have plenty to offer without you leaving the doorway.


“Why do I need it? This are all old and ugly girls”

Definitely not! There is no more worthy of debunking a myth like this! escort girls offer a huge and suitable range for everyone. Today you can see real photos and original and some even promising that if it is not in the picture, you will get your money back or not pay at all. A girl who’s Ashkenazi, Arab, Middle Eastern, Moroccan, Yemenite, American, Thai and others that know how to make them look best so they invest in fostering appearance.


“Escort? It’s a world of crime and pimps”

This is true in movies and TV series, but the reality is not necessarily so. There is no doubt that there are places where crime also includes damage to the escort girls as trafficking is forbidden, this is another crime in itself. However, the support services is provided by the girls themselves through service providers or through the websites really not managed by a syndicate or a crime organisation. Payment is made directly to them discreetly and without fear of hurting you.