Why men order escorts?

Why men order escorts?


There are a lot of reasons why men prefer to call escorts and meet with them. there are regular customers and also men who order only occasionally.

One of the reasons is that our call girls have very open mind about sex, they are free and liberal in bed ready to try all kinds of fantasies that men have. they heard about all fetishes and fantasies and ready to fulfill them happily.

Men in a long term relationship usually don’t get full sexual satisfaction and their stress is filled over time, but when they meet an escort she can listen and fulfill their fantasies.

For example some men prefer big breasts but their wife has small breasts, so in this case they order particular call girl with very big breasts, so they are both happy the man can experience her, and the lady is happy that he chose her. Some men want to try BDSM with a woman but to ashamed to ask their wife to do it for them, so then they can try one of our escorts who provide BDSM services.

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Men don’t have the time and energy to look out for occasional sex in bars or clubs, it can take a long time until you go to bed with a woman. she can send mixed signals that confuse the man and he’d rather call an escort girl instead.

When you order a call girl you know exactly what you get and when you get it, the escort is always clean and use protection, she’s an expert in fulfilling sexual fantasies.

Sometimes men feel lonely and need a shoulder to put their head on, they want a lady who is interested in listening to their troubles and thoughts, our ladies can listen to you talk for hours and be curious about you, and the sex in this case is a bonus.

Other men just want a beautiful companion to be with, and also to be seen in her company so they can take one of  our escorts to a fancy restaurant of their choosing.

So the reasons that men call escorts are guaranteed sex, self satisfaction and also to spend time with a beautiful companion.